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Scientific Explorer: The Sun Part 6: Photosphere and Chromosphere

solar spicules Gallery

Spicules - YouTube

What are Solar Spicules – Bursts of Energy From & Around the Sun ...

solar spicules Gallery

SDO | Solar Dynamics Observatory


APOD: 2010 November 2 - Spicules: Jets on the Sun

Observer's Guide to the H-alpha Sun - Sky & Telescope

Chapter 16, Section 3

Spicule (solar physics) - Wikipedia

The sun

Surge prominence and spicules evolution on the Sun - YouTube

APOD: 2010 November 2 - Spicules: Jets on the Sun

Solar Features by John McConnell FRAS

Revision of Solar Spicule Classification - INSPIRE-HEP



Solar Spicule Mystery Solved - Sky & Telescope

Sun Features at Naperville North High School - StudyBlue

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